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Biostudy Solutions is a pharmacokinetic and biostatistical consulting firm. Our staff has worked with hundreds of companies, helping them advance their generic and new drug submissions to U.S. and foreign regulatory authorities. A depth of experience – combined with a vast partner network within the industry – allows BSS to provide complete solutions to statistical and report preparation needs.


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Pharmacokinetic/Biostatistical Consulting
Biostudy Solutions works with the client throughout their product development process.
  • Protocol development
  • Research and design, including sample size evaluations, for Phase I BA/BE PK studies
  • Level C IV/IVC evaluations
  • PK/Statistical analyses for BA/BE studies (complete or confirmatory)
  • Sample size evaluations for therapeutic equivalence trials
  • Population bioequivalence analyses for In-vitro trials
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VCA Study Support

From design through analysis, Biostudy Solutions provides its clients the service they need for demonstrating bioequivalence of topical corticosteroids.

  • Design of VCA trial
  • Dose response modeling and interpretation
  • Bioequivalence evaluations

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Stability Trending

Using linear regression modeling, Biostudy Solutions provides its clients with support from specification determination through stability expiration dating.

  • Exploratory analyses to assist in determining specifications that support the data
  • Stability trend analysis and expiration dating
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Report Preparation

From receipt of data to completion of Module 5.3, Biostudy Solutions offers its clients an effective, cost-efficient, approach to the backend services of a trial.

  • Report compilation for BA/BE studies (ICH compliant)
  • eCTD Publishing
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